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What was once several people’s passion for off-roading has turned into a group of friends getting together to race and create memories with each other and their families.

Rufus Racing wasn’t an idea on anyone’s mind until 2018 when Zandy went to his first King of the Hammers with a few friends. He followed the event and Ultra4 for a while, but seeing all the cars and drivers in action took his passion for off-road adventures to the next level. On his trip home, he started thinking about how he could get involved and get into the driver’s seat.

He came back to Texas and, five months later, bought a racecar – and Rufus Racing was born.

Since its establishment, our team has grown from one car to six and now we compete in multiple classes. Our love for racing and desire to win is at the center of everything we do, but our main focus is having fun with friends. The Rufus team has become our family, and it grows with every race and event we go to.

Our races are family trips to us. We’ve got a job to do, but they also give us the chance to hang out with the people we’re closest to and create new memories we’ll laugh about for years to come.

We love meeting new people and helping new drivers break into the racing world just as Doug Jackson did for us all those years ago. Our crew is ready and willing to help whoever may need it, and our coolers are always open. Swing by the pits (just look for the bright green Rufus Racing tent) at the next race, meet our team and see what we’re all about. We promise you’ll love hanging out with our crazy Texas bunch.

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Rufus Racing

What was once a bunch of Texas boys each with a passion for off-road adventures has turned into a team focused on racing hard and creating memories with friends and family.


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