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Teardown in Tennessee 2021

Race Recap

Racing at AOP is always a calendar stop the team looks forward to, and this year’s Method Race Wheels Teardown in Tennessee was no different. When the team got to the track, they did a lot of pre-running of the qualifying and full-race courses to be in the best possible shape to podium this year. Dougie Fresh waved the green flag for Chip/Brad and Zandy/Dave on qualifying day, and the cars ended up in a very solid position for race day – Chip/Brad came in 2nd and Zandy/Dave in 6th.

On race day, the team was up early pitting for SCR Motorsports in the 4500 class and Dana Hale (with Peanut as his co-driver) in his first ever Ultra4 race in the 4800 class. They had the typical new car blues but kept going and finished!

Chip and Brad ran into trouble early on the first climb in the 4400 class. They broke both front inner axles and the CV shafts spit out in front of the A-arms, ending their day 3.6 miles into the race.

Zandy and Dave climbed into the top 5 on corrected time early but had a kingpin failure that slowed them down. The knuckle held together through the rest of the lap to get it back to pits for a repair. Dave, Fry and the crew managed to remove/replace a welded kingpin in less than 30 minutes to get them back on course. Their lap times continued to improve, and they brought home a 9th place finish.

We didn’t have our full crew out there but a big thank you to all the teams that pitched in and allowed us to do what we love!

Photos by Tyler Arnold & McKenzi Morris

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