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El Rey de Las Bajas – San Felipe 2021

Race Recap

For the first time since 2019, the Rufus Racing crew made the trip across the border to Mexico for an Ultra4 race. After being part of the Banditos Originales, the boys were excited to take on the mix of desert and rocks for the 2021 El Rey de Las Bajas. Chip and Brad qualified just outside of the top 10 in 11th, with Zandy and Dave toward the back of the pack at 29th. After qualifying on Friday, the guys made last minute tweaks and checks before heading out to the course on Saturday. The 5-lap, 110 mile race was grueling and dusty, but both cars and powered through to see the checkered flag at the end. Chip and Brad didn’t have any major issues throughout the day, and secured a 10th place finish. Zandy went through several tires through some of the rocks, but with the help of Fry and the Wicks guys in the pits, they were able to make up a lot of ground and finished only a few spots behind the #4 car in 14th place.

One of the best parts about San Felipe and racing in Mexico is always the people. From hanging out with friends and family, to the new people we meet each year that become part of our group, we’re always excited to head back to Pete’s Camp. A special shoutout to Mike and Penny, Mark and Jacque, Baja Jesus, Juan and everyone at Pete’s Camp for all the love and hospitality they give us! This trip and the success on the course wouldn’t have been possible without them!

Photos by Tyler Arnold & McKenzi Morris

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